Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Ladies of Liberty" - the original is 30" x 30" and is available for $1000. Limited edition prints are also available - please get in touch for sizes and pricing. Thank you!

Slideshow and Song Recorded for Us!

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Here are all of the Haiti paintings in one spot (they are 6" x 6"). All originals except for "Ladies of Liberty" shown above are sold, but prints are always available. Thank you for checking it out!

The song in this slideshow is by Frederik Fossum - a singer, songwriter and guitarist in Oslo, Norway. He learned of our fundraising project and re-recorded his piece especially for us with modified lyrics. He has very generously donated any downloads of the song to Save the Children on our behalf. Please visit him at: www.frekk.net

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One last note

I feel like saying a final thank you to everyone that has been involved in this experience. Just over $7000 was raised! So many people offered their time and talent to make the art and gallery show a success - I hope I've properly thanked each individual. I'd especially like to thank the thirty six young Newburyport artists who played such a key role. They prove that no matter what our age, we can use our creativity to make a powerful difference.

I also just want to recognize that there are many causes that demand and deserve our attention. One could put a finger on any local street map and find dozens of worthy issues. Or back up and run our hands over a spinning globe and we'd find millions, actually billions, of voices that call out for change, for restitution, for peace, for our care. Pretty soon it can become downright noisy as our wallets feel noticeably thinner. I'm as guilty as anyone of narrowing my focus to what's achievable now and right in front of me. So I'm honored this project, for far away Haiti, struck a chord with so many. We took one small challenge and ran fast and strong to help. My hope is that someday soon, we'll be inspired to do it again... and again.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

As I type...

... the last of the small paintings from the Painting A Day project are being sold at the Newburyport Art Association's annual fundraising event, called the Artful Feast. Winning bids will be split with Save the Children and I'll be curious to see what we can add to our fundraising total when the evening's done. Art, cocktails and friends... I can't think of a finer end to this incredible project.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Going once, twice... SOLD to the highest bidder!

UPDATE: These three paintings sold for $450 at auction!!

On Saturday (5/1) the Firehouse Center for the Arts will be auctioning three paintings during their annual Derby Day fundraising event. Kimm Willkenson and the entire staff were truly key for us. She jumped in with both feet by offering their entire upstairs (waterfront) gallery space to host the exhibit for two months. Tell me where else we could have found this kind of exposure in a community of vibrant (and totally booked) downtown galleries and prime retail space. Simply nowhere but here. So I'm thrilled to say the winning bids for this trio will be split between the Firehouse and Save the Children. http://www.firehouse.org/L3-shows-other-DerbyParty.html

On the block are: I Dare Ya!, Make Believe, and Oops!

Then on June 12th the Newburyport Art Association's Annual Art Auction will auction the last three. http://www.newburyportart.org/index.html

Whew. It's done! Both auctions will help support programs in Haiti as well as the arts in our community. Score for everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

EMT going to Haiti

I recently met an EMT in New York City who has volunteered her skills to Project Medishare in Haiti. (She is there as I write this actually.) Since 1994, Project Medishare is an organization that has been "dedicated to improving the health and overall well being of the Haitian people by re-establishing the health infrastucture and providing access to agriculture, education, clean water & sanitation, micro-credit in several communities in the Central Department in Haiti." The expense of bringing supplies and travel to and from the base in Miami is covered by the individual volunteers and their supporters. So I just want to give them a little plug here, and say I applaud (and support) the enormous effort made by her and hundreds of others who can offer their help in such an extraordinary way.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Six Left

A great friend on the west coast bought a painting (Light Sabers), bringing it to 32 paintings sold. The remaining pieces will stay at the Firehouse Center until the end of next week (4/24). After that just contact me if interested in viewing what's left. The initial push for A Painting A Day is winding down so the challenge now is to find a way to sell out. Three will be auctioned together for Save the Children at the Newburyport Art Association annual June cocktail party fundraiser. (The winning bid will be divided equally between the causes.) We're getting there!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Things

PBS is airing a fantastic program called Frontline Haiti (you can also watch it online anytime at the link enclosed). It's an honest overview - where the country stands since the earthquake and what comes next. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/haiti/

Today I will be visiting Kathleen Klose, a teacher at the Immigrant Learning Center in Malden, MA. Most of her students are from Haiti and she has been very kind to invite me to their International Day celebration. Lots of food, music and dancing... I was told to come HUNGRY! I'm bringing my daughter Emma (9) and we both can't wait. Maybe there's a future collaboration on the horizon! http://ilctr.org/

Lastly, we continue to sell prints of all the paintings. Over 40 prints and 31 paintings have sold so far! Seven originals are also still available and will be displayed at The Firehouse Center in Newburyport through 4/25.