Thursday, July 8, 2010

One last note

I feel like saying a final thank you to everyone that has been involved in this experience. Just over $7000 was raised! So many people offered their time and talent to make the art and gallery show a success - I hope I've properly thanked each individual. I'd especially like to thank the thirty six young Newburyport artists who played such a key role. They prove that no matter what our age, we can use our creativity to make a powerful difference.

I also just want to recognize that there are many causes that demand and deserve our attention. One could put a finger on any local street map and find dozens of worthy issues. Or back up and run our hands over a spinning globe and we'd find millions, actually billions, of voices that call out for change, for restitution, for peace, for our care. Pretty soon it can become downright noisy as our wallets feel noticeably thinner. I'm as guilty as anyone of narrowing my focus to what's achievable now and right in front of me. So I'm honored this project, for far away Haiti, struck a chord with so many. We took one small challenge and ran fast and strong to help. My hope is that someday soon, we'll be inspired to do it again... and again.

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