Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paintings are for sale!

I just want to clear up some confusion about how you can support us by buying artwork! Three ways... buy a painting for $150 now by getting in touch with me... buy a painting the night of the reception and live auction on March 7th... or buy a limited edition print of the painting pictured at right.

Here's a slideshow of Day 1 - 25 to see in one place:
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1. All unsold 6" x 6" paintings are for sale for $150, framed. You can contact me at any time to purchase your favorite(s). As pieces sell, they will continue to hang in the Firehouse gallery space until the end of the exhibition, which is March 21. Checks for these paintings can be handed to me, but made out to "Save the Children - Haiti Relief". This means the paintings are fully tax deductible and 100% of the purchase goes to the intended nonprofit.

2. In addition to the 25 pieces that are hanging at the Firehouse for sale right now, I continue to paint daily. Those additional paintings (Day 26 - Day 36) will be available to purchase the night of the reception on March 7th in a live auction format.

3. Limited edition prints... signed gicleƩ prints of the painting seen here will also be available on LocalGinger.com. The prints are 9" x 9" on 11" x 14" heavy watercolor paper and will be available through LocalGinger.com for $45 (includes shipping).

Please contact me for more details if you are interested in paintings or prints.

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