Friday, January 29, 2010

We're in the paper... and on CNN iReport!

What an amazing day. I picked up the The Newburyport Current and wow! Barbara Taormina did a fantastic article about what we're doing. What a boost. And the print version has a full page of color! They ran great photos of kids in Mrs. Whitney's class.

Might have to cut and paste the url here to see the article. For some reason the link isn't working (which means I can't figure it out)...

The CNN iReport was posted by a great friend. It links back here to the blog for full details.

pictured above, Mrs Foster's afternoon kindergarten class from back left: Logan, Sadie, Toby; Middle row from left: Joey, Isabelle, Calvin; Foreground from left: Bella and Colin. (Grant was absent but will show up soon I hope!)

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