Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 34

Today's piece is called "Karate Kid" with background painting by Jeremy Laliberty.

I have a few more incredible people to thank.... Jen Hansen with Gracious Events stepped into my world today and offered to help me whip it all together for Sunday. She's saving my sanity - no joke. Laura Elias, another great mom and business owner of Oregano's in town, has generously offered food to the reception. Chris Miller from Port Media and Tom Goodwin have helped me get a video clip together and up on our local access channel with VERY short notice. (Look for a 1 minute clip on local TV kids!) And lastly, I needed background music for this video and the longer segment I'll bring on Sunday. After a quick call to a friend in NY, I was put in touch with a talented singer/songwriter in Olso, Norway, Frederik Fossum (www.frekk.net). He and my friend, Rene A Sosa, wrote a song called "Shelter" together. It was perfect as is, but they are now changing the lyrics for us, re-recording it by the weekend, and offering all proceeds from downloads of this new song to Save the Children on our behalf. Simply incredible. I'm going to feature Frederik's music in the longer video at the reception but in the meantime please check out his work on youtube under the name WaxMud. My deepest thanks go to these great people.

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