Friday, March 5, 2010

Hot off the press!!

I ran to pick up copies of The Daily News this morning... and WOW! There is almost a full page of color dedicated to displaying the work and a great article to go with them. Emma took the copy to show her classmates, saying "SO cool!" on the way out of the car. I completely agree. The print version showcased eleven paintings plus a few of kids doing their thing. What a great send up for Sunday. My thanks to everyone at the paper for getting this done so fast... Ian Berry, Sonya Vartabedian, Will Courtney and Jim Vaiknoras.

We're also on the website Kim Gobbi has been great to work with and posted a write up for us on Newburyport-Today!

Just a side note in case you thought I had it all put together... I was rushing to get ready yesterday for The Daily News photoshoot and in my haste chose to douse my head with an oily coating of SPF 70 sunblock instead of hairspray. It was way too late to do anything about it, so the GIANT photo of me on the front page of today's paper sports the wet look! Ugh. Is it Sunday yet?

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