Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 35

This morning I picked up 26 beautiful prints from Paul McDonough with Child at Heart Gallery in Amesbury. They look fantastic. He sat with me and my six year old Sadie in Greta's and I signed and packaged them

to have on hand Sunday. Sadie's hit the chocolate jackpot recently for being such a trooper. No wonder she keeps suggesting I make pastry shops my new permanent office. I then met with Kimm Wilkinson of the Firehouse and Jen Hansen, my volunteer event coordinator, to walk through logistics for Sunday. These ladies sure make this look easy! I can say for sure the reception is going to be a fun, relaxed two hours for all. Okay, maybe not exactly 'relaxed' for me, but I will fake it well. The children are truly the stars of the show.

Today's painting is "Push Me" with help from Miles O'Malley, third grader Bresnahan.

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