Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 36

Today's post is the last day of painting for Haiti!! Il est fini.

This final piece is called "Tea Party" with help from Gabrielle Sergi, a high school senior who has been a student aid in Mrs. Whitney's 3rd grade classroom this semester.

There were thirty six students that participated in this work over the last seven weeks. Two additional pieces were painted during the Haiti project, for a total of 38. (The painting called "Hope for Haiti" which is the print for sale and a 30"x30" piece called "Lady Liberty's Torch").

In addition, I'm happy to announce that two additional kindergarteners are helping me with pieces we'll auction on Sunday for the PTO. Our schools in Newburyport have been huge supporters of this Haiti project and we'll recognize their effort Sunday!

So grand total... forty.

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